A sacred activist


Emily's commitment to Sacred Activism is inspired by the concept of Conscious Harmony -- evolving to higher consciousness through harmonious living with earth and all life. Emily's history is rich with activism, beginning when she founded AWAKE Community in 2003 in honor of her little sister, Annie, who was killed by a drunk driver. In 2004, Emily toured with AWAKE Community and Rock the Vote along the campaign trail for 9 months -- educating about sustainability (including biodiesel and solar power), the importance of voting for young people, and also impaired driving prevention in conjunction with the Congressional Stop DUI Caucus. She produced sustainable, locally-sourced events on Capitol Hill in 2005 and 2006 on impaired driving prevention with an emphasis on creativity and art. From 2007 through 2010, she ran the AWAKE program "Heal the Gyre" (in partnership with the San Diego Puppet Insurgency) to spread awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean -- and initiated the No Plastic Pledge which has helped to ban plastic bags and water bottles in southern California. In 2009, she took over operations of ccMixter from Creative Commons, enabling free-sharing of open-source-music and its supporting software. In 2011, she helped organize Occupy San Diego and chaired its music and organic gardening initiatives. In 2013, she helped create AWAKE's program CommuniGreen, in conjunction with the Los Angeles City Council -- focusing on organic gardening, water conservation and community based sustainability. To learn more about AWAKE, visit awakecommunity.us.